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Rental Application

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Policy Agreement

Payments: Rent is due on or before the 1st day of each calendar month. Owner does not invoice or ​send out billings for monthly rent. 


Late Fees: Monthly rent which is not paid in person or postmarked before the 5th day of the month are ​subject to an initial late fee of $10.00. If rent is not paid in person or postmarked before the 20th day ​of the month, an additional $10.00 late fee will be charged. In the event the bank, which it is drawn, ​returns a check tendered for the payment to the Owner after deposit unpaid a return check fee of ​$30.00 will be charged. In the event of a returned ​check, Owner reserves the right to require any ​past due charges and all future monthly payments to be made by certified funds. 



1. I understand the Owner does not provide any type of insurance, which would protect the ​occupants’ personal property from loss by fire, theft, or any other type of casualty loss. It is the ​occupant’s responsibility to obtain such insurance. (See Insurance options below)

2. I understand the rent is due on a month-by-month basis only and that if I occupy the Unit beyond ​the rent due date, I will owe rent for that full additional month. 

3. I understand that if the rent or any other charges due remain unpaid for five (5) concurrent days ​after the rent due date, the Owner has the right to deny Occupant access to the unit and if rent and ​charges remain unpaid for 30 consecutive days after the rent due date, Owner may sell or otherwise ​dispose of Occupants’ personal property remaining in the Unit. 

4. I understand the Unit is not suitable for storage of heirlooms or precious and highly ​valuable objects. I understand that I may only store personal goods in the Unit, no hazardous or ​flammable materials. 


By checking the box below, I certify that the information I have provided is true and correct and I have read and understood this Agreement.

Rental Contract

1. Terms. Occupant agrees to rent the storage space (unit) under the rental terms hereinafter described. Rent shall be due on or before the 1st day of each month and this Agreement will continue to renew on a month-to-month occupancy until terminated. Rent not paid on the Rent due date shall be subject to Late fees as described on page 1 of this Agreement. Unit is rented on a month-by-month basis only. Occupants shall not be entitled to any return prorated for the month in which this Agreement is terminated. If occupant occupies Unit beyond rent due date of any month, Occupant shall pay full rent for that additional month. Occupant’s lock remaining on the Unit constitutes a continuance of this agreement. 

2. Fees. If Occupants property is processed for sale at public auction, Occupant shall be responsible for a public auction-processing fee of $100.00. 

3. Acceptance of Unit. Occupant has inspected Unit and all common areas of Property and has found them satisfactory for all purposes, including the safety and security thereof, for which Occupant shall use this Unit. Occupant understands that Occupant will only have access to Unit during normal business hours posted by Owner. Owner reserves the right to restrict access to the Property at any time. 

4. Lock. Occupant shall provide, at Occupant’s expense, a lock for the Unit, which Occupant deems sufficient to secure the Unit. Occupant must lock the Unit Immediately upon execution of this lease. In the event Occupant fails to keep such a lock on the Unit or Occupant’s lock is broken or damaged, Owners hall have the right, but not the obligation, to place its lock on the Unit without creating a bailment. Occupant shall reimburse Owner for the cost of the lock. 

5. Termination of this agreement. Occupant may end this Agreement upon any rent due date by giving 5 days prior written notice to the Owner and by removing occupants lock from the Unit and leaving the unit clean and free of all debris. Upon termination, units left unclean shall be subject to a minimum twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee. In addition, Occupant will pay for all costs to dispose of any of Occupant’s property or debris that is left on the property. Owner may terminate this agreement for any reason whatsoever by giving written notice to the Occupant at last known address by certified or registered mail not less than seven (7) days before any rent due date. If Occupant violates any of the provisions of this Agreement, Owner may immediately terminate this Agreement and order Occupant to remove all contents of the Unit. 

6. Occupants Insurance. THE OWNER DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY TYPE OF INSURANCE, WHICH WOULD PROTECT THE OCCUPANTS PERSONAL PROPERTY FROM LOSS BY FIRE, THEFT, OR ANY OTHER TYP EOF CASULATY LOSS. IT IS THE OCCUPANTS RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN INSURANCE. The Occupant, at the Occupant’s expense, shall secure his own insurance to protect himself and his property against all perils of whatever nature for the actual cash value of the stored property. Insurance on the Occupant’s property is a material condition of this Agreement. Occupant shall make no claim whatsoever against the Owner’s insurance in the event of any loss. The Occupant agrees not to subrogate against the Owner in the event of loss or damage of any kind or from any cause. (See Insurance options below)

7. Default, Owner’s Remedies, and Lien. If any monthly rent due is not paid by the rent due date, if any check given in payments is dishonored, or if Occupant shall fail or refuse to timely perform any of the covenants, conditions, or terms of this Agreement or if Occupant breaches the peace, Occupant shall be deemed to be in Default. Upon Default or if the rent or any such other charges due remain unpaid for five (5) concurrent days after the rent due date, Owner has the right to deny Occupant access to the Unit. Occupant agrees and understands that the partial payments made to cure a default for non-payment for rent will not delay or stop the foreclosure and sale of occupant’s property. Partial payments do not waive or avoid the legal effect of prior notices given to Occupant. 

If occupant is in Default, Occupant’s property in Unit shall be subject to a possessory lien in favor of Owner from the date the rent is due and unpaid, for rent, labor charges, and other expenses incurred in the prosecution sale or disposal of Occupant’s personal property permitted under State Law. ALL ARTICLES STORED BY A RENTAL AGREEMENT AND CHARGES NOT HAVING BEEN PAID FOR THIRTY DAYS WILL BE SOLD OR OTHERWISE DISPOED OF TO PAY CHARGES. 

8. Abandonment of Contents of Unit. Occupant is responsible to keep Unit locked at all times when Occupant is not present. If Occupant has left Unit unlocked after the expiration or termination of this Agreement, then any personal property that remains in or near Unit will be considered to have been abandoned by Occupant and may be removed or otherwise disposed of by Owner. 

9. Storage of Vehicles. If Occupant stores any vehicle with a motor in it, the Occupant shall place a drip pan under any possible source of leaks. Occupant shall also disconnect the negative terminal of the battery or remove the battery. Chock blocks must secure the wheels of any automobile or trailer. 


10. Limits to Occupant’s Use of the Unit. Occupant is restricted to certain uses of Unit as follows: 

a. Occupant may use Unit solely for the storage of personal property, which belongs to the Occupant. 

b. Unit shall not be used as a residence. 

c. Occupant may not store any hazardous, explosive, flammable materials, firearms, or ammunition. 

d. Occupant will be liable for all acts of any and all individuals who Occupant allows access to the Property. 

e. Occupant will not do anything or store anything, which will invalidate Owners insurance policy or increase its insurance premium. 

f. Occupant will not use Unit for any unlawful use or storage of any unlawful or stolen property.

g. Occupant agrees to keep Unit in good condition and will not damage, deface, or mutilate Unit in any way. Occupant agrees to reimburse Owner for any such effects to Unit beyond reasonable Wear and Tear. Occupant agrees not to make any alterations to the Unit without Owner’s written permission. 

h. Occupant may not sublet or assign this agreement to anyone. 

i. Occupant agrees not to store jewels, furs, heirlooms, artworks, collectibles or other irreplaceable Items having sentimental or emotional value to the Occupant. Occupant waives any claim for Emotional or sentimental attachment to the stored property. 

j. Occupant will not use any electricity in the Unit unless Owner gives written permission. 


I have read and understand this rental contract in its entirety.

Thank you. We will be in touch soon with your gate code and unit info.

Please email a photo of your Photo ID to to accompany this application.

*Please review the Insurance Options below. If you do not submit an Insurance Options form with your application, we will assume you have or do not want insurance for your stored items.


We offer OPTIONAL insurance for your stored items through Ponderosa Insurance. Please complete the form below regarding your insurance preference:

You are responsible to have coverage for your stored items.

I understand that this storage facility does not insure my goods and is not responsible for damage or loss to my stored property.

  • I confirm that this facility has recommended that I provide proof of insurance coverage or immediately obtain coverage for my stored property.

  • I confirm that Safestor Tenant Insurance has been offered.

  •  I understand that by declining coverage I am completely responsible for any loss or damage to my property including but not limited to: mold, vermin, water damage, fire/smoke, tornado/wind, earthquake, lightning/hail, and burglary.

  • I understand that the storage facility is not responsible for loss or damage to my stored goods and agree to hold this storage facility harmless.

  • I understand that coverage is effective immediately at time of payment.

  • I understand that the monthly rate to cover my stored goods is being collected by the facility and forwarded to the insurer as a courtesy.

  • I understand that the storage facility is not responsible for paying my monthly premium if I fail to make payments.

  • I understand that the facility may retain a portion of the monthly tenant insurance premium payment to cover the administration of the policy.

Choose Your Plan:

Monthly Rates

———————————— $7.95

——————————— $10.95

—————————— $20.95

—————————— $35.95

Coverage Limit

Thanks for submitting!

*Flood and Rising Water are not covered. Please see Safestor brochure for full exclusions.

This enrollment form contains only a general description of coverage and does not constitute an insurance contract.

The facility will provide you a Certificate of Insurance.

Insurance Options

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