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Your stuff Is Going to love it here!


Storage Units

Our smallest size unit is 100 sq. ft. This size can store the furniture and contents of 2-3 bedrooms.

Our middle size unit is 150 sq. ft. This size can store the furniture and contents of 2-3 bedrooms, PLUS your living space furniture, such as a couch and table.


Our largest size unit is 200 sq. ft. This size is roughly the size of a single car garage. You can fit a small car and a few boxes or about 6 rooms worth of furniture and contents.


We offer outdoor parking for pretty much anything you want to store. The spaces are right inside our secure gate and brightly lit at night time.

We now offer covered parking as well. Our covered spaces are 30ft long and have lots of room to maneuver in and out of the space. We’ve also installed electrical outlets at each space.

Boat & RV  Spaces

5  Storage Tips to get
the most out of your storage unit!

Tip No.1  

Evaluate if you want to store it or get rid of it. 

Don’t pay rent for stuff you don’t want or need! 


Tip No. 2

Don't SPACE out. Pre-pack all of 

your intended items before storing to get 

a rough view of the size storage you’ll need.


Tip No.3

Label boxes and Pair up! Put similar items in the same box.


Tip No.4

Stack furniture in the back! Putting your heavies items in first will make it easier to retrieve smaller items in the future.


Tip No. 5

Build a sturdy foundation! Make sure you put heavier boxes on the bottom to make a strong base when stacking boxes up.

10’ x 10’

10’ x 15’

10’ x 20’





Covered (no power)

Covered (charging power)

$35.00+$1 per ft/m



Storage Pricing

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